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Generative AI vs. Human Reasoning

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Generative AI vs. Human Reasoning

May 30, 2024
Human Vs. AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly taking the world by storm, especially in terms of generative AI. What was once a topic discussed in tech or math settings, AI is now discussed (and used) everywhere. Although generative AI is becoming increasingly popular, there is still widespread misunderstanding of how it works. So, what exactly is generative AI? Spoiler alert: we are still a long way from robots taking over the world... or so we believe

Generative AI is AI that produces original content based on patterns, rules, and trends found in existing data. This means AI will predict the best answer to a question based on the information and set of rules it already has access to.

Generative AI is not emotional, rational, creative, explanatory, or even consistently accurate. AI does not rely on the same logic, reasoning, or decision-making processes that humans do. Unlike humans, AI does not have the desire to understand why an answer is correct (or any desires at all).

These definitions are intentionally simplified to highlight an important distinction between AI and humans: AI can extract the ‘what,’ whereas humans have this incredible organ in their head that they can use to not only extract the what,’ but also to understand the ‘why.’

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