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Jess Moyer

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Jess Moyer

Super Power

Confidently Curious


Senior Strategist​


Jess has worked in Market Research for nearly 20 years. That’s just a record of time, but her true accomplishments are tied to unpacking consumers, brands, ideas, innovation and next steps for companies. Her experience includes work in health and wellness, retail, CPG, tech, spirits, non-profit, e-commerce, and more. 

As a researcher and strategist, Jess draws from her roots in journalism. Combining innate curiosity with tenured listening and storytelling chops, she helps brands to tackle global objectives and challenges. Jess started her career specializing in youth and Millennials/Gen Z and has continued a passion for unlocking those key life stage targets. That said, a lot of great learning has come from painters and contractors, Doctors, hunters, semi-pro athletes, truck drivers, and exotic pet owners, as well!

Her secret power is the ability to turn authentic conversations into actionable next steps. She’s most satisfied when working a room—front, back, or virtual—to churn insights that move aha! moments to the next level, in direct line with client objectives. Jess has worked to help craft vision and communication for an impressive brand portfolio, including Kraft, Samsung, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Nike, Pepsi, The North Face, Nike, American Eagle, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Roxy and athleta.

Jess lives in the Bay area with her husband and 10-year-old daughter (budding artist/soccer star/TikTok-phenom) Zoey. Off the clock, she flips discovery mode to personal, and gets to work on hunting binge-worthy shows and podcasts, training for personal pull-up goals, playing outside in her fruit and veggie garden as much as possible and baking/cooking all the things.

Jess Moyer
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