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Jeff Syroney

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Jeff Syroney

Super Power

Master Wit + Insight Wiz


VP: Innovation + Story​


Jeff Syroney is a seasoned facilitator and strategist with extensive national and international experience across a broad range of qualitative methodologies. He possesses a unique talent set that combines an early career in theatre, storytelling, and improvisation with fifteen years of corporate marketing experience. This marriage of art and strategy produces customized research experiences, deeper consumer and client relationships, and shrewd, actionable insights. 


His tenure as a strategist and moderator covers several category sectors including CPG, technology and finance. He revels in research among targets traditionally considered “difficult to speak to” including teens, children, and men. He brings to his work with clients and consumers a spirit of creativity, flexibility, and sense of humor.


Jeff is a sought-after speaker, sharing inventive approaches to incorporating creativity into traditional research. He is the recipient of multiple industry awards celebrating his entrepreneurship and innovation. Prior to his career as a researcher, he served as the Founding Managing Editor of Soapbox, an online publication dedicated to highlighting and promoting the region’s talent, technology, diversity, culture, and business. He also co-founded the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, an annual twelve-day celebration of art, innovation, and creativity now in its 16th year.

Jeff Syroney
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